Jacq Baked Goods

I recently ordered half dozen cupcakes for my aunt’s birthday. I didn’t know what custom pattern to request and I wanted something special, so my aunt will remember. Thanks to whoever made Pinterest, I was able to browse cupcake custom designs. I came across a flower pot and sprout  cupcake and instantly fell in love.  Whoever made this cupcake design is brilliant! Without further questioning, I contacted the owner of Jacq Baked Goods to ask her if she could make this design.

Today, I picked up the six cupcakes that I ordered and gave them to my aunt. I requested a birthday message and Jacqueline, the owner and the baker, already had the birthday sign (as shown in the first three pictures) in mind. She just needed the ‘okay’ from me, which was an easy ‘yes!’  She a creative imagination to complete whatever you want.  And this (from the pictures below) was EXACTLY what I had in mind.

DSC_2915 DSC_2920 DSC_2918 DSC_2919 DSC_2921 DSC_2922 DSC_2924


It came in a box of 6 and a checkered bow to finish the decorations. The cost of custom cupcakes depend on the design and the amount of cupcakes.  I was kind of picky and requested two flavours of frosting (in the centre) and she said it could be done, since there are two types of sprouts (no extra cost for two frosting flavours and the birthday message). This order was $24, which is average (tax included already).

Definitely a go-to-again, it’s my second time ordering from Jacq’s.

Jacq Baked Goods website

Jacq Baked Goods on Facebook 



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