M and I met through an ecomentors’ workshop and instantly (like BAM, no…not really) became friends. During mid summer, we were both invited to join a youth advisory council that recruits volunteers and basically does everything (from the planning to setting up the conference itself). So M suggested that we go for a nice lunch/brunch before our monthly YAC meetings. Too add, the weather was PERFECT for this type of event, but too bad the restaurant did not have an outdoors patio. M told me that she always passes by this restaurant but never really had a chance to try it out, and so we did!





I ended up ordering the traditional breakfast (above)  (honestly, everything on the menu sounds amazing) and M had the pulled pork potato hash (I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of her’s). The restaurant itself is small but felt really cozy. There are several tables of 4s and we sat at a table for 2. I think that Chococrepe has many take-outs because there are people that order drinks and have ice cream (from the second picture above).  On their menu, they DO have a wide variety of drinks (which is irregular, in my opinion), which I think is the reason for being popular.

The service wasn’t bad or particularly outstanding, we had to ask twice to have someone take our order (when the restaurant was half full).

I must admit that the house salad was tasty as ever (I can’t figure out the salad dressing though). It’s just a regular green salad, nothing special about it. The toast was just toast, but amazingly crispy but soft. The eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausages were a tad salty (from what I usually have), but nevertheless, IT’S A THUMBS UP FROM ME.

Definitely a recommendation. Next time, if I’m in the neighbourhood, I’m giving their famous hot (cold) chocolate a try!

*Sorry if the lighting in the pictures are bad or bad overall

** props to M for taking me here! : )



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