Dong Kee (東記)

*Post long overdue.

東記 (Chinese) or pronounced ‘Dong Kee’ in English. So after Dennis’ convocation ceremony, the two restaurants that we planned on going to were full of people and the wait was terribly long. The first time, I was introduced to this restaurant, I instantly fell in love with the food. There’s this distinct Chinese-stir fry flavour (is why I love this place!) in most of the dishes served at this restaurant.

We ordered some ‘regular’ Cantonese styled dishes, apart from the soup, which they serve to all tables after ordering.


Dried bok choy and pork soup. Really good! :9


My family usually orders some type of chicken. This time, my mom ordered a plain steamed (half) chicken with goji (the red in the picture) and a green onion and ginger dipping. The onion and ginger dipping sauce is really good, I have literally have it with steamed white rice. YUM!


Fried tofu with Chinese mushroom, celery and carrots served in a hot pot.


Sweet and sour pork. I love how the restaurant makes this particular dish because the pork is deep fried, so when stir fried with the sauce, it remains crunchy.


Hot and sweet peppers with pig’s stomache. It might sound gross, eating stomache, but tastes so good, plus a little (or a lot) of kick from the hot peppers.


Sometimes, Chinese restaurants like this one, may have fresh seafood in stock. That day, the waitress that put our order in asked us if we wanted oysters. We had five people and ordered three..which were black bean flavoured, steamed. To my surprise, my dad found a mini oyster that was hanging on to one of the oyster shells. We ended up paying for three when we got 4 oysters! Woop woop!


Garlic stir fried snow pea vines , classic dish for my family.

The first time is always better than the rest. I’ll still remember my first time and telling everyone how good the food was!

Restaurant details can be found here.


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