Bar Milano

A nice day (or so I thought) by the harbourfront sounds nice, doesn’t it? My long lost (not really) friend from high school have been in contact last week, scheduling a day to have lunch and just catch up. After walking long (somewhat) distances deciding and looking at restaurant/ foodcourt menus (because there are too many along Toronto’s harbourfront to choose from), we decided to have lunch at Bar Milano.

Every time I walk by the harbourfront, I am surprised by the amount of people that go to these types of patio-dining restaurants. I have never eaten at the restaurants by this harbourfront, but it was a fine experience.


After 15 minutes of deciding with Jess on what to drink (alcoholic), I decided to be venturous from my regular types of beer (Stella Artois or Mill Street) and went for Somersby. Jess and our waiter recommended it to me and surprisingly, I loved it. It’s a mix of apple cider with a tad of beer. More fizzy and sweet, obviously. One to add to my list of favourite beers!

We ended up sharing two dishes (below).


Our appetizer consisted of bruschetta- warm and toasty slices of baguette with a bowl of colourful tomatoes with chunks of cheese.


We shared a main, which was fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms. We had grated cheese on top. The pasta was cooked just fine, but the sauce was quite thick.


Jess and I sitting on the restaurant’s patio. It was nice, sunny and warm when we sat down. 30 minutes into our meal, the rain decided to pour but we were sitting under a big umbrella. Then, the rain drops were getting huge and we had to sit indoors. Unfortunately, after we dried ourselves indoors, the rain was gone and the sun was up.

Verdict: the bruschetta-tomato mix was really wet (had a lot of tomtato juice sitting at the bottom of the bowl) and the mixture didn’t have enough flavour; hardly any salt nor sweet. The pasta was alright, don’t get me wrong, I do like cream pasta sauces, but this particular sauce was too thick. You could pick a strand of pasta and the sauce would stick to the strand. I prefer the saucy saucy types, but not the pasta drenched in sauce. Somewhere in between.

Click HERE to enter Bar Milano’s website


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