Earls, on a Friday night, girls’ night out, after a hard and long week at work. It was my first time going there and I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s super fancy on the outside with a super nice patio.

There were so many items on the menu that we didn’t know what to order. So we ended up sharing and I also got my own dishes.


Warm Three Cheese and Spinach Dip: spinach and artichokes, ciabatta toast points. This was an appetizer but absolutely really filling. I think its cause of the cheese, but super delicious. It was my first time having artichokes. $11.50


Italia Pizza. O M G , this was the bestest (is that even a word?) pizza I ever had. It was crispy and thin crust. The toppings were three kinds of meat and some basil to top everything off. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that plans to go. $15


Earls Clam Chowder . When I asked people I knew if they went to Earls, they told me to order this. This was listed under the the appetizers, but it’s so big enough to be a main. This is definitely not the ‘normal clam chowder’ that you get from a canned soup. It’s not thick as the canned soup ones and also have little bits of potatoes and crab meat, I think. It also comes with a big slice of toast. $10

*Sorry that the clam chowder picture isn’t focused.

I also ordered a Pineapple Ginger Margarita..which, I forgot to snap a picture. But it came with a cute straw and  a piece of pineapple. The rim of the cup was coated with salt, fancy.$7.50

Verdict: Earls is a Kitchen & Bar, and my friends and  I didn’t really fit in (we’re students, for crying outside). By fit in, I mean, I would say that the restaurant’s clientele  is aimed at the ‘young business group’. I’ll have another visit when I reach that age. There are plenty more restaurants that are on my bucket list for the summer.

Click HERE to enter Earls website.


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